Hi, I am Richard Boyer, a marketer, real estate agent and a writer.

Illinois Auction Guide has been sharing ideas for auctioneers and real estate agents for 5 years. With the help of my dedicated grandfather, I have learned about honest business and ideas in auctions.

My grandfather is a real estate agent. When I was young, we used to go to auctions of land, construction, and transport. He told me some tips and guides about auctioning. My grandfather was usually called an inspirational and motivational speaker. He inspires and educates people and I just wanted to be like him.

I took up Agricultural Education at the University of Illinois and decided to help my grandfather after graduation. My whole life has been exposed to heavy equipment and auctions in Illinois. Following my grandfather’s footstep, I became a real estate agent and a marketer. I discover that I can help more by writing my experience and ideas. That is why I created Illinois Auction Guide.